FREE Christmas tree pattern

FREE Christmas tree pattern

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Christmas tree embroidery workshop

Youtube video tutorial:

- DMC Embroidery Floss #3012, #3032, #3865
- Hoops  
- Scissors
- Cotton or linen fabric material
- Prym trick marker or Pilot Frixion Pen
- Needle for embroidery

Print the pattern (change size in your printer settings if needed) and trace it onto fabric using Prym trick marker or Pilot Frixion Pen.

DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss consists of 6 strands, but the stem in this project is embroidered with 3 strands, pine needles with 3 strands and snow is embroidered with 4 strands.

Separate 3 strands of #3032 and make a little knot on one edge of the floss. Embroider the stem and branches with stem stitch. Make a simple straight stitch and then bring your needle up through the fabric one stitch length away from the starting point. Come back up in the middle of the first stitch, a little bit above the line. Repeat this over and over to get a stitched line.
When the stem and branches are finished, embroider pine needles. Separate 3 strands of #3012 and make a little knot on one edge of the floss. Pine needles are embroidered with simple straight stitch.

Separate 4 strands of #3865 and embroider snow with French knots. To make a French knot pull the needle up through the fabric. Wind the thread to make a knot. Wrap the thread around the needle two times and put the needle back at the same hole it just came through or near.

When the embroidery is ready, do not forget to erase the pattern underneath.
You can do it in two ways:
 - Spray water on the fabric if you use Prym trick marker
 - Dry the fabric with hairdryer if you use Pilot Frixion Pen

Happy whynotstitching!